Synthetic biology can change the world

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Although the research of J. Craig Venter is discussed controversially sometimes, it could potentially change biotechnology as it is. So I decided to apply for a summer internship at the J. Craig Venter Institute. For this, I had to write a motivation letter.  That was kind of fun, and I share with you a part of it:

Scientific innovations provide mankind the ability to improve daily life, change the world and even to conquer space. Without scientific progress, we would not be able to cope with the challenges that these innovations have put upon us: Our climate and our environment is endangered by pollution. Our life standard is threatened by outrunning resources and overpopulation.

Luckily, science has sooner or later always found solutions to man-made problems and to the ones imposed by nature. However this is no reason to step back and let things slide. On the contrary, it is necessary to be full of passion and vigor to approach these challenges. I strongly believe in the huge possibilities of biotechnology as the key science, especially in the field of synthetic biology. Unifying the different disciplines such as physics, chemistry and even information technology, humans will be able to understand life and to change their future through it. One approach is to copy mechanisms which have been invented by Mother Nature in the course of evolution and use them e.g. against pollution. Another possibility could be to recombine these mechanisms to make entirely new ones. Those would not persist under natural selection, but help us to cope with present and future challenges. Processes that nowadays require huge amounts of energy and cause pollution could be dissolved in a biological way and take place at room temperature. Gas and oil could be replaced by highly efficient biological ways to generate energy.

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    They didn’t take me. Is it because I’m from France? She said, they took no one from abroad… What a pity.

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